We have worked closely with SportsBR from the initial concept of the Louisiana Marathon through the last six years of the event. It has been a dream come true. They have opened so many doors for us and have helped us accomplish so much. Thousands of people have traveled here to our city to participate in the marathon over the last six years and many thousands more in our local community participate in the event and/or benefit from it. Without the support and guidance from SportsBR, our impact to these people would be significantly less.
— Jonathan Dziuba, The Louisiana Marathon

Our Mission

SportsBR Unites Sports and Community.

The support that SportsBR gives to the Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament ensures that Baton Rouge area amateur wheelchair players of all skill levels have the opportunity to play in our international tournament alongside the top-ranked players in the world. The support we receive allows the Cajun Classic to be held in Baton Rouge — approaching our 30th year — and the players say we are one of their favorite tournaments on the world circuit. SportsBR understands the importance of investing in Baton Rouge-area events and activities as a way of promoting healthy competition, positive cultural exchanges, and inclusive opportunities for all abilities.
— Jennifer Edmondson, Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament


Since 1994, SportsBR, Inc., in conjunction with our 501(c)3 organization, SportsBR Foundation, has promoted the city of Baton Rouge by bringing statewide, regional, national and international sporting events to our community to positively impact our local economy and improve quality of life for all citizens. Formerly the Baton Rouge Area Sports Foundation, SportsBR is a 501 (c)6 trade association founded as the operational arm of this economic development effort.

In the last 10 years, SportsBR events have generated over $311 million in estimated economic impact. This success is a product of our collaboration-based model to leverage our long-standing relationships with local sports coordinators, facility owners, volunteers and local officials to provide tremendous return on investment. In 2016, SportsBR supported 53 events in the Baton Rouge area, generating over $36 million in estimated economic impact with a staff of two and a total budget of $240,000.

As we transition into a new era, our organization is broadening our mission to more effectively use our primary assets, sporting events in order to expand our overall impact on the community. By utilizing the relationships and collaborators we have developed over the last 23 years through these 50+ annual events, SportsBR seeks to further promote unity in our community through activities and events that focus on healthy, active lifestyles across the lifespan.

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2017 NCAA Bowling Championships

2017 NCAA Bowling Championships

Beyond the known economic value of major sports events hosted in Baton Rouge, sports events provide an opportunity to expose visitors and competitors to our community at large. In addition, SportsBR intends to use major vents to increase greater Baton Rouge outreach.

Working with our local event partners, SportsBR strives to produce sports events that provide quality competitive, recreational and instructional opportunities for our community while keeping resources and revenue from these events here at home.

When a community comes together through sports, the social barriers that too often divide us, such as race, gender, economics and geography, are broken down. Immediately, regardless of our backgrounds, sports can turn our focus from differences to learning, communication, growth and sometimes, winning. By supporting each other, we all will win, which is what sports teach us. In learning that lesson, differences dissipate and the fabric of our community grows stronger or is in some cases, restored. Sports remain the common ground from which we can all relate. As part of the SportsBR core values, all of our programs unite members of our community from every walk of life.

As importantly, our programs promote healthy, active lifestyles. For too long, our city and state have lagged behind the rest of our nation in health and wellness outcomes, especially among children. According to the Community Health Needs Assessment compiled in 2015 by the City of Baton Rouge, 1 and 2 children in East Baton Rouge are obese. Adult obesity in our community has also risen from 30 percent to 33 percent since 2014. The Gallup/Healthways American Well Being Community Rankings placed Baton Rouge 177 out of 189 cities in the U.S.

Our program design eliminates or greatly reduces any barriers to access for potential participants in order to ensure maximum participation for all citizens of our community. As these programs begin to take hold, our long-term outcome is that the impact of participation in these events and activities spreads through the entire family unit and stays with the participant throughout their life span.