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We have been fortunate to work closely with our local track clubs through the years to host national track and field meets that have brought tens of thousands of athletes and visitors to Baton Rouge.  Our focus here is to continue to grow the track & field community in our area and, over the long term, develop the track & field culture in our city.  All-comer meets provide organized and fun track & field opportunities for youth and adults where no equipment or experience is necessary to compete.

  • Partners: Local Track Clubs, EBR Schools
  • Timeframe: spring 2018
  • All-comer track & field meets for children (8-12) and masters athletes
    • 3-4 meets in spring 2018 at school sites around the parish with one (1) combined meet
  • Goal: 250 children and 25 adults for first 3 meets; 1,000 for parish-wide meet; 1,825 total

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