Introducing SportsBR

Today is a bit bittersweet - we make a major change to our organization that is very exciting and I am optimistic about our plans and strategy going forward.  It is also a goodbye to the BRASF banner that we have operated under since 1994.  While the name changes, our core values do not.  A relationship based organization founded on the pillars of honesty, character and integrity will continue to be model for SportsBR.

I was fortunate to join this organization in April of 2007 and have been fortunate to watch us accomplish a great deal in that time frame under the Sports Foundation banner.  The Mardi Gras Mambo has grown to one of the largest 10k races in the region. We started the Battlefield Cross Country meet with very little expectations and have hosted over 50 teams the last 3 years. 2016 was our best year ever in terms of estimated economic impact with over $38 million brought into our community through these events.  And there are many exciting opportunities, challenging projects and new events that lie ahead for SportsBR.

As we move forward, we look back at this success and absolve to not only continue our desire to make Baton Rouge the Amateur Sports Capital of the South but find ways to incorporate local events and sports tourism in order to positively impact our community, both economically and socially.  Our lean, compact and efficient structure has always meant that partnerships and relationships are critical to our success; if we are to succeed in our expanded endeavors, we will continue to develop relationships with groups throughout our city to find and execute on opportunities as they arise.  

Lastly, if you or your business is interested in partnering, sponsoring or just learning more about what we have planned here in Baton Rouge, please don't hesitate to visit the Contact Us page and tell us more about your interest in SportsBR.