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Finish Line of the 2017 Battlefield Cross Country Festival

Finish Line of the 2017 Battlefield Cross Country Festival

June 2016: a challenge was pressed to Mr. Stovall and myself - as we were preparing for our leadership change at the end of 2016, what was our vision for our organization going forward?  What did we envision ourselves to be over the next 20 years?

It was a question we had discussed internally but mostly in pragmatic terms.  A key word was used in that challenge: vision.  

Since then, and in conjunction with our board of directors, sponsors and stakeholders, we have rebranded our organization to SportsBR, rewritten our mission and core values and recently finalized our newly developed strategic plan to help guide us in our journey going forward.

Most plans like these are ambitious - ours is no exception.  The new mission of SportsBR is to unite sports and community.  Our redeveloped core values continue to reflect our commitment to make Baton Rouge the Amateur Sports Capital of the South, while also looking for more events we can produce for our community (like the recently announced Tiger 10k).  But we are also looking at ways we can unite our community through sports.  These outreach efforts are focused on five program areas outlined in our strategic plan.

Lastly, this effort needs the support of the community in order to succeed.  The SportsBR Annual Fund benefits the SportsBR Foundation and all donations go toward fulfilling these outreach programs.  Visit the SportsBR Annual Fund webpage for all the details.

Our efforts are just starting but rest assured we will work tirelessly unite our community through the common bond of sport.  We hope you will join us on that journey.

Eric Engemann
President & CEO


Jerry Stovall
Annual Fund Committee Chairman