Happy (Belated) New Year!

Start of the 2018 Louisiana Marathon and Half Marathon on January 14

Start of the 2018 Louisiana Marathon and Half Marathon on January 14

As we turn the page on another month, it is hard to believe January 2018 is already behind us in this New Year.  January flew bye here at SportsBR as we moved from the holidays straight into the Louisiana Marathon over the weekend of January 12-14 here in downtown Baton Rouge.  This event always kicks of the year by showcasing our city to thousands of participants, both locals and visitors.  In 2017, the Marathon welcomed runners from 48 states and 7 countries.  Thank you to the Louisiana Marathon team for once again putting on a world-class event for our community.


As we turn to the rest of 2018, we're excited about another full calendar of events taking us all the way through to December of great events and visitors from all over the region and the country to compete here in Baton Rouge.  We're equally as excited about producing a number of great events for our community, including the upcoming Mardi Gras Mambo 10k, 15k and Fun Run presented by Core Power on February 17.  It is hard to believe but 2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Mambo, which started back in 1999.  Registration is going strong and proceeds from the Mambo help support our community outreach efforts here in Baton Rouge.

Lastly, we kick off our new track & field programming in March with the first of three developmental track meets to be held in the area in 2018.  The first is March 13 at Istrouma High School, with the others taking place on March 29 at Zachary High School and April 10 at Broadmoor High School.  These meets feature 3 running events and 2 field events at each meet, giving athletes from 6-14, regardless of experience or skill level, a chance to try out track & field in a fun environment.  These meets are also free to register!  We're looking forward to working with our local track clubs and track & field partners to put these events on.

Look for more updates in February and we hope to see you out at the Mambo on February 17.

Eric Engemann
President & CEO

Join Us on Our Journey

Finish Line of the 2017 Battlefield Cross Country Festival

Finish Line of the 2017 Battlefield Cross Country Festival

June 2016: a challenge was pressed to Mr. Stovall and myself - as we were preparing for our leadership change at the end of 2016, what was our vision for our organization going forward?  What did we envision ourselves to be over the next 20 years?

It was a question we had discussed internally but mostly in pragmatic terms.  A key word was used in that challenge: vision.  

Since then, and in conjunction with our board of directors, sponsors and stakeholders, we have rebranded our organization to SportsBR, rewritten our mission and core values and recently finalized our newly developed strategic plan to help guide us in our journey going forward.

Most plans like these are ambitious - ours is no exception.  The new mission of SportsBR is to unite sports and community.  Our redeveloped core values continue to reflect our commitment to make Baton Rouge the Amateur Sports Capital of the South, while also looking for more events we can produce for our community (like the recently announced Tiger 10k).  But we are also looking at ways we can unite our community through sports.  These outreach efforts are focused on five program areas outlined in our strategic plan.

Lastly, this effort needs the support of the community in order to succeed.  The SportsBR Annual Fund benefits the SportsBR Foundation and all donations go toward fulfilling these outreach programs.  Visit the SportsBR Annual Fund webpage for all the details.

Our efforts are just starting but rest assured we will work tirelessly unite our community through the common bond of sport.  We hope you will join us on that journey.

Eric Engemann
President & CEO


Jerry Stovall
Annual Fund Committee Chairman

Summer Turns to Fall

101 Year Old World Record Holder Julia Hawkins

101 Year Old World Record Holder Julia Hawkins

2017 has been quite the year so far for us here in Baton Rouge.  So many great events have been hosted in our community this year: another great Louisiana Marathon in January, 71 days of USBC Women's Bowling this spring and summer, dozens of records set at the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships in July, and finishing up this summer with the Marucci Baseball World Series and National Pro Fastpitch Softball Championships.  All in all, over 120,000 athletic travelers have visited our area so far in 2017 leaving behind over $34 million in estimated economic impact.  And those numbers don't even take into account the 18,000 women bowlers who visited Baton Rouge so far this year.

As we approach the Labor Day holiday, we also look forward to the excitement of fall sports and seeing our college and high school football teams take to field.  This fall is particularly special for SportsBR as we prepare to finish football season in style at the Tiger 10k on December 3rd.  Working in partnership with LSU Athletics, Tiger 10k, 5k and Fun Run will bring our participants through the LSU campus with a spectacular race finish at the 50 yard line of Tiger Stadium.  Registration is open and we are looking forward to putting this event on later this year.

And there is plenty more that we are working on here at SportsBR.  In the coming weeks we will have completed our strategic plan and will be putting that information here on our website.  We believe strongly in the power of sport to bring people together in our community and we are developing strategies and initiatives to do just that here in Baton Rouge.  Stay tuned!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend - 

Eric Engemann

Busy Season!

We are often asked about what time(s) of year we are busiest here at SportsBR and as most would expect, spring and summer are our biggest event seasons here in Baton Rouge.  And when we add new events to that mix we end up with a very busy time of year!

Between now and mid August, our city will host a number of large scale events, some for the first time.  The end of June brings us the Gumbo of Ballroom DanceSport Championships, a USA Dance national qualifying event that brings adults from 30+ states to participate in 3 days of competition at the Crowne Plaza ballroom.

Mid-July brings a busy weekend where we host both the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships as well as the TCS Marucci Southern Softball Championships.  Volunteers are needed at the USATF Masters Championships

Baseball reigns the last weekend in July as our friends from Marucci Sports host the Marucci World Series bring in 48 of the best baseball teams and players in the country to compete at 8 sites in the area.  

Lastly, LSU's Tiger Park will host National Pro Fastpitch Championships the weekend of August 17-20.  The best fastpitch softball players in the world will be in Baton Rouge to battle it out for a chance at a NPF Championship.  Tickets are on sale at championship.profastpitch.com.  

Thank you to all our facility partners, sport coordinators and sponsors of these events for bringing them to Baton Rouge.  We particularly thank our SportsBR Varsity Partners for their support of what we do.

Introducing SportsBR

Today is a bit bittersweet - we make a major change to our organization that is very exciting and I am optimistic about our plans and strategy going forward.  It is also a goodbye to the BRASF banner that we have operated under since 1994.  While the name changes, our core values do not.  A relationship based organization founded on the pillars of honesty, character and integrity will continue to be model for SportsBR.

I was fortunate to join this organization in April of 2007 and have been fortunate to watch us accomplish a great deal in that time frame under the Sports Foundation banner.  The Mardi Gras Mambo has grown to one of the largest 10k races in the region. We started the Battlefield Cross Country meet with very little expectations and have hosted over 50 teams the last 3 years. 2016 was our best year ever in terms of estimated economic impact with over $38 million brought into our community through these events.  And there are many exciting opportunities, challenging projects and new events that lie ahead for SportsBR.

As we move forward, we look back at this success and absolve to not only continue our desire to make Baton Rouge the Amateur Sports Capital of the South but find ways to incorporate local events and sports tourism in order to positively impact our community, both economically and socially.  Our lean, compact and efficient structure has always meant that partnerships and relationships are critical to our success; if we are to succeed in our expanded endeavors, we will continue to develop relationships with groups throughout our city to find and execute on opportunities as they arise.  

Lastly, if you or your business is interested in partnering, sponsoring or just learning more about what we have planned here in Baton Rouge, please don't hesitate to visit the Contact Us page and tell us more about your interest in SportsBR.